We partner with artisan cheesemakers from the Northeast, Europe, and wherever else we can find excellent cheese. 

We believe the care that goes into the treatment of animals and the land makes the best cheese possible, and we strive to bring that to you every day.

Our selection changes weekly, but we'll always carry our favorite standbys as well as whichever cheese is freshest, seasonal, and most delicious.






There's no way we'd rather celebrate the holidays than with a well-crafted cheese plate, shared with the ones we love most. We've put together some simple guidelines for assembling your own show-stopping cheese board.

Not your thing? We've got you covered with a full menu of catered cheese and charcuterie platters here

The Basics:

 When selecting the cheeses, choose 3-5 different types. Allocate about 1 ounce of each cheese per person (a cheese board for 4 would require 1/4 lb of each cheese). Consider different textures, ages and styles when selecting your cheese, as well as different milk types. We love a cheese board that includes something creamy and bloomy (like Goat Lady's Snow Camp), something semi-firm and nutty (Gruyere 1655), and something blue and funky (Colston Basset Stilton). 

The Pairng:

Once you've selected your cheeses, choose an assortment of accompaniments that will play off of each cheese's natural flavors and texture. Pair foods that will either compliment or contrast your cheese. That funky, earthy Stilton sings with a schmear of honey, while the beefy depths of Harbison are amplified with a spoonful of onion jam. Salty Marcona almonds and acidicly sweet dried Blenhiem apricots are both marvelous earthly delights to include on your board. And naturally, no holiday cheese board would be complete without a glass of bubbly. The bubbles from a dry, minerally glass of Cava work wonders to cut through the richness of a creamy cheese. 

The Service:

Let all cheeses come to room temperature before serving. This allows their flavors to be fully expressed. An hour on the counter should do it. Assemble on a wooden board, or our favorite, a Brooklyn Slate. Arrange the cheese from mildest in flavor to most intense, the way you would set up a wine tasting. Meet each cheese with its match, and artfully scatter about the rest of your accompaniments. Pop the cork, open the door and party on.