Why Register For Your Wedding?

Does your future dream home include 46 ceramic serving bowls? Probably not. Creating a registry wish list (especially one with priority levels) allows you to get what you want and need most. It also lets your guests feel good about contributing something valuable that you'd enjoy. Registering with us is a fun and efficient way to cross the threshold into a house filled with all the stuff you want (and none of the stuff you don’t.)

Create Your Registry

1. Click on “Gift Registry” on the top right corner of the home screen and scroll down to select “Create a Gift Registry.”

2. Log in or create your account.

3. Once logged into your dashboard, click “My Gift Registry” at the bottom of the Account toolbar on the left hand side.

4. Customize your registry with your own title, contact information, the date and location of your event. Bonus points for adding a photo and message for your guests to see.

5. Shop our site and add the products you'd like to spend the rest of your life with!

Manage Your Registry

> Once logged in to your account, you can shop freely throughout the website, stopping to click “Add to Registry” just beneath the “Add to Cart” icon to the right of each product.

> To view your registry at any time, click on “Gift Registry” from the top right of your home-page tool bar. Then click “View My Registry”.

> From this screen you can make changes to quantity, remove items entirely, add notes for your guests and select a priority level for each product.

> To share your registry with guests, select “Tell About Your Registry” on the toolbar at the top of your wish list. A message will be generated that includes a direct link to your wish list, as well as a Registry ID number guests can use to locate it on the site.

> You can also click on “Guests View of Your Registry’ to see your wish list as your lovely guests will.

Registry Policy

Your registry gifts will ship to the address specified in your account. Any items selected for pick-up will be held in our store for up to 12 months after your wedding date. Any items that are not picked up within this time period will be absorbed back into our inventory and the value of the gift will be converted to store credit under your registry name. If you have any questions, we're always happy to help. Please email orders@thebrooklynkitchen.com