A new kind of General Store

Far from the crush and dull madness of most Big Box grocery stores, the Brooklyn Kitchen is a fun and real place to shop. 

We've worked hard to put together a collection of food, tools, books and people that make cooking interesting and fun. We take cooking seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously. Come check us out, you'll see what we have to offer. 

Kitchenware: Where it all started. A love and appreciation for quality tools is what got us into this mess, and we hope you'll agree that we offer a wide variety of tools for all kinds of cooking, but we don't offer garbage. Nobody has room for that. We've got some of the same stuff as the big box stores at the same price, but with small box customer service. NO GARBAGE NO GADGETS NO GIZMOS!!!

Grocery: We are an ingredient-driven market, with a full selection of the elements of good cooking. Our vendor partners are real people, never corporations. 

  • > Produce - delicious, seasonal, local when possible and bought directly from farmers. Shop us like the farmer's market, every day and without an umbrella.
  • > Protein - grass-fed NY cows, pastured NY pork, fresh locally caught sustainable fish and shellfish, and the best charcuterie in the country. 
  • > Pantry - We've launched dozens of new products from the great new maker movement, and we're passionate about discovering and fostering more. A full selection of responsibly made and sourced spices, beans, grains, pasta, flours, and condiments.

Cooking School: Our award-winning recreational cooking school offers a repertoire of over a hundred classes, many of them technique based. We encourage you to build them together to make an education that fits your life, or what you want your life to be. Start with knife skills, great for cooks of all levels. Save your fingers!


The Brooklyn Kitchen is North Brooklyn's original general store, offering up straight cooking knowledge since we opened in 2006. We're the original small box store. Shop local, support your community!